About Us

Nature is an inspiration as well as a resource to be harnessed by new technology. FUNCTION-TEX enhance this idea with advanced material explorations. From new body tech to lo-fi materials, we explore the latest physical interfaces paving the way for more meaningful, sensorial design.

With more than 20 years experience in product design, manufacturing, sales and distribution, FUNCTION -TEX acts as an agile partner for both customers and suppliers with focus on innovation and added value.

Tap into our expertise. By staying ahead and informed, you can create the future you want – for yourself, your business and your consumers. With over 20 years in working with product development, trend forecast and data driven research, we help businesses stay relevant and find their next growth opportunities. Together with our customers, we create tomorrow coupling qualitative research and knowhow with quantitative insights and custom advisory services. We will work with you to help you connect the dots among future trends, know what they mean for your business and when and how to adopt them.

  • Textiles & Accessories with build-in FUNCTION
  • CUSTOM MADE collections
  • Sourcing and distribution made EASY
  • LOW COST benefits

What we do

Posture reactive

Designed to help users avoid health issues caused by incorrect postures and upper body positions.

Thermal regulation

Textiles that change their thermal properties to adapt to the environment and wearer’s body, so you’re never too hot or cold.

UV protective

Functions as a wearable sunscreen, that minimise exposure, and maximise adventur.


Anti-baterial, anti-fungal and antiodour fabric.

Hydro reactive

A fabric that responds to moisture content to ventilate the user intuitively.

Light reactive

Fabrics and trim that is distributing light in an illuminating way.

Sourcing & Manufacturing Countries

CSR & Environment



Erik Filsø Pedersen
Phone: +45 22316484
E-mail: efp@functiontex.com

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Industrivej 1
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